The Hesketh Bank Allotments are on a four acre site on Shore Road which is known locally as “The Poor Marsh”.

The Poor Marsh used to have plot sizes of 10 chains by 8 rudges (over 900 sq ms) and so the site only had twenty plots, which were managed with machinery and operated on a semi-commercial basis.

The new allotment site has been split into modern plot sizes of between 150 and 250 sq ms which have been calculated as an overall average sized plot needed to be able to sustain an average family of four with vegetables.

These much smaller plots give more opportunity for local people to get involved and have more of a community aspect, with schools and community groups being offered a plot which they can work for educational purposes. There are also smaller plots, and easier to access plots for the less able.

The redeveloped site now has over 60 individual plots, with  provision for an exciting new permaculture project in the centre which the Parish Council hope to start work on soon.

The Parish Council has committed over £18,000 and obtained grants to date from West Lancashire Borough Council and the Food Growing Programme of a further £17,000 to install new drains and make provision for water supplies and other utilities as well as a re-designed frontage and car-parking.

The  development is managed by the “Hesketh Bank Allotments and Leisure Gardeners Association” on behalf of the Parish Council who own the freehold of the site.